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    made to measure suits in particular a bespoke suit is

    Greenfield's factory production of tailored suits, in the industry known as the "tailored" (made-to-measure). Customers can go to the third party's clothing store, such as Jay Preiss (J. Press), select fabric, size. Cloth and measurements are then sent to Brooklyn, where design style
    A few years ago, Peter frew (Peter Frew) with an important professional skills to New York. All the United States can do a true bespoke suit only ten, he was one of. Frew with Saville Street (Savile Row, located in London, brought together top tailor the world -- ") of a tailor, he can completely on their own, almost pure manual design style, cutting cloth, and expertly construct a suit, perfectly adhered to buyers of the body, the price is about is $4000. Everywhere in the rich city, he soon got a lot of orders, almost unbearably busy. When I learned about frew, I thought he was on Madison Avenue in a studio rich designer. This is a frew goals for the future, but now an apartment near the 33 - year-old Jamaica immigration at Brooklyn Fry Bush Avenue in the work, make about $50000 a year. The living room is in his studio before, now there is a big table, covered with a piece of cloth and a semi-finished suit model brace. As frew sewed a jacket, he explained how he let every aspect of the design can meet the requirements of customers, including lapel widths, the number and size of the pockets. He said, in particular a bespoke suit is, it depends on the skill, but this technique only trained to master. Modern technology cannot create anything comparable. I watched frew work, soon understand why he is not rich. Like the seventeenth Century artisans, he is unable to form the scale economy. He spends 75 hours doing a suit, because there is no employees, so every month on average only two sets. A made to measure suits large part of his income to pay for the cost of materials, because of his time to suit, so can only rely on others to do advertising, which requires payment of Commission (frew even didn't have the money to do a suit, when we met, he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt). He hopes one day to hire full-time assistant tailors, rent a room in Manhattan, but he knows it will be a big challenge. The tailor made a strange puzzle to modern economic. Why is a rich city -- especially at present when the wealthy are better -- not a people willing to spend the breakdown of the industry? Even the birthplace of bespoke suits of London has not spared. In the last century eighty or ninety's, Saville on the street for "Anderson and King Shepard and movie stars tailored suits (Anderson &Sheppard) men's shop" barely able to rely on existing customers (and perhaps their sons) survive, but seems to be very happy. But in 2005, Anderson - Roland (Anda Rowland) to join the company, began to attract new customers. (she even plans to introduce a casual pants and accessories production line, get more value from the brand). 7 years ago, the company made 17 suits each week, an annual income of $3600000. Now do every week about 25 suits, annual revenue of $5400000. For many businesses, growth of 40% 7 years of performance is very general; for large clothing company, this performance will make the CEO was fired. But for the customized garment industry, which was already a miracle. As Roland said to me, even if the good reputation of a century and very loyal customer base, it's nearly impossible to make progress. "The industry is not scalable," she explained. "Whatever we are doing 50 suits or 1 suits -- a single set of costs are the same." In essence, "Anderson and Shepard" problems, but is an expanded version of tailored suits the problems plaguing frew. Custom suit like expensive Couture gowns, good at building a reputation in the business, but they are lousy. Since the modern clothing company profits for a long time is to rely on building a strong brand, and then use it to promote various cheaper, can be mass production goods, such as perfume. Mike - Karl (Michael Kors) and Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) -- not to mention Carolina - Carlina (Carolina Herrera) -- is the beginning of a small studio, and then produce a variety of products, industrial expansion into hundreds of one billion dollars. At the same time, "Anderson and Shepard" insisted on doing it the old bank, has stayed about the same size. The only way to the cheap suits online pursuit of the perfect craftsmen to make money, seems to be not so the pursuit of perfection. But for decades, Brook Lin Fort Williams Martin - Greenfield (Martin Greenfield) while maintaining high-quality tailoring standards at the same time, also realize the modernization of efficiency. Greenfield himself said, as large as the factory area with almost just when it was established in 1916, the pattern inside also as he got a job here in 1947. (he later bought the factory). More than 100 tailors busy sewing machines (some sewing machine is some years), or hand sewing clothes.
    A few years ago, Peter frew (Peter Frew) with an important professional skills to New York. Is one of the important features of capitalism, the market decides success or failure, even if it means more than Kadison clothing company all tailored suits the world money.

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    I post this message to make sure if I do really understand what you wrote above (in the message #1).

    I think that the main point is:
    tailored suits companies\firms cannot bring in a lot of money because of the competition with garments industry making mass production goods. Moreover mass production industries has budgets far higher than made-to-measure's company and can rely on very expensive advertising campaign that the small tailored suits companies can't afford.

    Do I have understand what you wrote?

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